Can your town attract Scoble?

Robert Scoble recently wrote a blog titled “Is California setup for a brain drain?” in which he briefly considered the possibility of moving to a small town outside the golden state.  Whether this was just a passing daydream or not doesn’t matter, what matters is how many fantastic small towns missed an opportunity to engage in a very important conversation about what your area has to offer.


Are you a small town looking to attract that kind of talent? Are you hoping to build a culture that allows for creativity and rewards entrepreneurial imitative? You may not be able to attract Scoble, but what about the next generation of innovators? Is your small town monitoring and engaging in the conversations going on right now? Do you have an online presence that says you understand and want to participate in this innovation revolution?

There is no better time to get started. The playing field is pretty level and many innovation leaders are still personally involved in the conversation but that won’t last for long. You don’t need a big strategy, just start listening then start talking! Get on Facebook and Twitter, connect on LinkedIn . You may be surprised at how many people are looking for your little piece of paradise.

While we are talking don’t forget to support your existing businesses (try Yelp) and mention them in your conversations (how about where you ate lunch today).You will be surprised who is listening.

Oh and Robert don’t overlook the amazing Prescott Arizona “Everybody’s Hometown”!


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